The Best Christmas Tree Stand Available

Why is the Omega the best Christmas tree stand? It's "The Marriage Saver." It won't fall over with it's extremely stable base, uses a plastic clamping system instead of screws and one woman can easily set up a 10 foot tree in under a minute.

With rave reviews in the press and TV the Omega is quickly establishing itself as the best Christmas Tree Stand on the market.

The Inventor of the best chistmas tree stand.


The co-inventer of the best christmas tree stand available.

The Omega Christmas Tree Stand is unlike anything on the market.

Its unique design solves many of the problems inherent to most tree stands. Simply looking at the stand instills a sense
of confidence in the product.

The unique patented clamping system addresses the problems associated with screw type stands.

See how easy it is to use the best christmas tree stand in action. click here


Omega OM-2 Tree StandNEW! The Omega OM-2 Christmas Tree Stand

The Omega OM-2 is part of the evolution of Christmas tree stands which takes the proven engineering of one of the most successful and effective stands to a new, smaller, less expensive design. Learn More >>

Omega Tree Saver BoxNEW! The Omega TreeSaver watering system

The Omega Tree Saver is a new product from the makers of The Omega Christmas Tree Stand. It is so easy to use and works with most stands.It looks just like a Christmas present under your tree. It comes with a 4ft hose so you are able to place it anywhere under your tree that you would like. Learn More >>

As Seen on the Dragon's Den

The Dragons Den is a popular show in Canada and the UK where entrepreneurs pitch unique products for investment money. Find out what the Dragon's had to say about the best Christmas Tree Stand available.




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